Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in Review: Dinner Edition

Hey Guys! I told you I'd be back for a review of my great eats this week! This week I was forced to be a little creative in the kitchen because we didn't have as many options on hand, but no fear, my creativity shone through and I had some wonderful dinners :)
This was a stir fry of chopped brussel sprouts, carrots, and yellow bell pepper. I also had some toast with hummus on the side.
This was such an amazing salad--seriously, if you haven't tried strawberries in salad, it's a must! This salad was made with fresh-from-the-garden bib lettuce, topped with carrots, strawberries, veggie breakfast sausages, lots of salsa, and feta cheese.
I love breakfast. It's hands down my favorite meal of the day. I love going to bed at night thinking about the great breakfast I'm going to sit down to in the morning. Breakfast is so important to getting our bodies re-started for the day!

For my Sunday morning breakfast I oatmeal cooked in milk and some hemp powder, and topped with a slice of my banana blueberry bread, a banana, and drizzled with sunflower butter. I usually love this breakfast, but something about the hemp powder bothered me this time. I think it may have given me a headache...has anyone else experienced this before?
At this point you might be able to see that my veggies were pretty limited last week, but that's A-Okay because I made the best of it! I roasted up some brussel sprouts with a little worchestire and balsamic drizzle, and served an All American Flame Grilled veggie burger on top. Then topped with salsa and hummus. I LOVE these burgers! I had never had a veggie burger before this summer, but dare I say it, I may be a convert? They're so easy to make, so delicious, and have great nutritional stats! Winner in my book :)
Yeah, we were down to the very last items in the fridge here. Fresh lettuce from the garden topped with sauteed red beans and chickpeas.
Served with a piece of cinnamon raisin toast that was later drenched drizzled in my Dad's Kingsbury sauce.
We've had lots of fresh berries in the house though, so they've definitely made an appearance in my wonderful breakfasts! Feature: Greek yogurt, topped with the last slice of banana blueberry bread (sad!), sunflower butter, and sliced strawberries. This was so delicious and very refreshing on a hot morning (already at 5:30AM!)
I have been loving oranges this summer, and I meaning seriously loving them. I have one every single day with my lunch. They're so fresh and juicy and the perfect way to finish of my lunch.
Yesterday the dining hall at work didn't have any oranges (!) so I went to visit my great friend Chris in food prep to see if he had any extra oranges he was willing to part with. Low and behold, he had lots! He sliced up two juicy oranges for me! How great is he? The pre slicing was awesome for two reasons, first, I didn't have to get my hands all yucky from peeling the orange, and second, I could eat faster! Hmmmm maybe that's not such a good thing?
Try as I did though, I wasn't able to finish all of these slices and a few were left behind. Le sad.
I love getting creative in the kitchen. For me, it's relaxing yet fun. Using different spices, experimenting with different cooking techniques, trying different foods for the first time, all fun! We shall see what this week has in store in terms of creativity, but for now, I'm going to break for breakfast--I'm thinking waffles and peaches :)

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