Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, All!

I hope that Easter was full of joy, happiness, and chocolate! Because what's Easter without a little bit of chocolate? : )

My parents sent me an awesome Easter care package filled with goodies--most of which was a great stash of chocolate! They also sent me a bouquet of pink roses for the holiday!

Aren't they the BEST? I love them so much!

My breakfasts have been pretty boring lately (well I love them, but not a lot of variety). I'm trying to use up my breakfast items in the kitchen in preparation of moving out of my dorm in 3 weeks. So cereal it's been!

I love having bananas in my cereal with blueberries, but I also really love having it on the side with some sunflower seed butter. I'm seriously obsessed with sunflower seed butter these may be my new favorite nut butter! It's soooo delicious!
Sunflower Seed Butter!
Back to homework and chocolate consumption! Enjoy the rest of your Easter and have a great week!

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