Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm back!

Well, well, well, you may have been asking yourself this past month, "Where the heck is Cindy?!" Oh, no? In case you were, I'm okay! I've since finished my sophomore year at college and started working this summer! I needed this time off to get situated and into my routine here in NYC for the summer. I'm hoping to get into a regular schedule of blogging at night after my day of work! Please stick with me while I work through the process :)

Let's see here, where should I begin in terms of this past month. Perhaps I should start by showing the beautiful town I'm living in outside of NYC. It's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

Hudson River at 5:30am

Hudson River at 6:30pm

Train Station to New York

Yep, that's my ride!
Isn't the river beautiful? I'm so lucky to be staying here this summer with some close family friends. They are absolutely wonderful people, and have an adorable daughter, Sophia! (Can you believe I haven't gotten the chance to take any pictures with her yet?--coming soon!)

You may have noticed under those photos my captions--let me explain. This summer I'm excited to have two wonderful jobs! One as a hostess at a great restaurant and the other as an intern for an hotel valuation and management company! My alarm goes off every morning at 4:15am to make it to work by 6:30am. I then end my day at 5:45pm to catch the 6:20pm train back home. In bed promptly by 9:15pm for another fabulous day! This might sound like cruel and unusual punishment to any other 20 year old living and working in NYC, but it's great for me! I'm a morning person anyway, so hey, what's 4:15am versus 7:30am--I get to see the sun rise! Beauty.

I arrive and depart via Grand Central station everyday.

You may also be asking yourself, how can Cindy possibly get up that early in the morning and be hungry for breakfast? Sometimes I'm not super hungry, but I know it's very important for me to have breakfast because I'm standing for 5 hours at my hostess job without a break. But honestly, I usually am hungry within an hour of getting up--think about it, my last meal was around 7:30pm the night before! My breakfasts have been looking a little something this! (Sorry for the poor lighting and quality--there's not a lot of light early in the morning. Working on it!)

My favorite cereal, Heritage Flakes, with blueberries, milk, and cinnamon!

OIAJ! With a banana, blueberries, and the left-over peanut butter :) YUMM!

Do we see a theme here?

Yogurt bowl--Chobani plain with a banana, blueberries, cinnamon, and mixed nuts.

Pattern again-but with an apple and sunflower seed butter-my fav!
You may have noticed that I'm sticking to things I can bring in a bowl or a jar--these breakfast foods are easier for me to eat on the train. I've been loving a cold yogurt bowl in the morning, but some mornings just call for OIAJ (oats in a jar).

I think this is a good place to leave off--I want to save some other happenings for the next post. Please look forward to that soon :)

Thanks for reading, hope you're having a wonderful Saturday and may your Sunday be full of rest!

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